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What's Self-help Buying?

Self-help buying is for experienced international shoppers.

If you speak some Chinese and know how to buy directly from China stores, you might think you don't need RORBUY's service any more. In fact, our service can still save you more.

The Reason:

1. Most China sellers don't know how to ship to overseas countries.
2. Even if the China sellers are willing to ship to your country, they can't get enought discount from international shipping carriers.
3. Most international shipping methods have a starting weight 500g. To ship a parcel of 100g, 200g, 500g, the shipping cost is the same.


In such cases, you will need a small warehouse in China. When you buy directly from China sellers, ask them to send the packages to your warehouse in China. We will unpack the packages and pack them into one parcel and then send to you. We call this service as self-help buying.

Note: You will need to pay item fees directy to China sellers. Make sure you know how to pay to them.

Self-help buying also works for business samples.

If you are doing B2B business in China, most China companies can send free sample to your China warehouse. If you want them to send to you directly, you will need to pay international shipping cost. So it comes to the same question, most of the time, they can't get enough international shipping discount.

Now you can ask suppliers to send the sample to us -- your warehouse in China. We will check and send to you.

How to Make Self-Help Buying Order>>>


Benefits for My Warehouse in China:

    ●      Free registration!
    ●      No monthly fee
    ●      Only 1 USD handling for each parcel
    ●      45% discount on EMS shipping fees
    ●      Save international shipping fee from China  
    ●      Express delivery through China Post
    ●      English speaking service staff
    ●      Professional online handling


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