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How to Use My Warehouse in China

     In case you need a physical mail address in China (because you can purchase completely by yourself if you had a Chinese mailing address, or because you want to collect product samples from Chinese companies for your business), you can use "My Chinese Address". We will collect all parcels sent to "My Chinese Address", and check and list them in your RORBUY account. At any time, you can submit delivery (we will combine multiple packages together to save your money) to your real mailing address anywhere around the world.
    How to use Make Self-buying Order/How to use "My Chinese Address" ?
    Note: If you are a new customer wanting to try, please register on RORBUY first to get the physical shipping address!
    Note: If you are an old customer, please log in to your account to get the physical shipping address.

    STEP 1: Register at RORBUY to get your Chinese address.           

    You also can get your Chinese address in “My RORBUY.”   
    When filling out the forms with the Chinese address, you can see an example like below:

   STEP 2: Submit order. It's very similar to our standard shopping service. The difference are:

    1. Enter 0 CNY in domestic shipping cost form because you have already paid for domestic shipping cost to China sellers directly. We will change 6 CNY package service fee when we are handling the order. We will put the 6 CNY package service fee in the domestic shipping cost form and the system will mark it as domestic shipping cost. You can find it in your consume record.

   2. Leave a short message such as "self-help buying" in remark form. This is for yourself to distinguish normal orders from self-help buying orders in the future.

   3. You need to check the box for self-help buying and add the tracking number. If you haven't got a tracking number, please enter "no".


     STEP 3: After RORBUY receives the parcels, you may submit delivery and pay the shipping fee.

     After submitting order, you will find the order in "Member Center"->"My Order". Once your parcel arrives, RORBUY will weigh your package and change the order status to "In Warehouse". Then please select the items you want to deliver together and make a payment.

    Then, we will process international shipment.

    Note: Our system will still charge you service fee 10%*(Items fee + domestic shipping fee) at this step. No matter how much the system shows the service fee is. We will only charge our minimum service fee is 34 CNY (about 5.65 USD) per parcel. We will refund and send the payment to RORBUY account. Please don't worry and you can just submit delivery.

    Note: In order to ensure transportation safety, RORBUY will verify the quantity of purchased items.

    After you have paid the delivery fee, you can check your parcel status in "Member Center"-> "My Parcel". 

    If the service fee you submitted is more than 34 CNY, and after we changed the parcel status to"Shipped", you can find the refund record in "Member Center"-> "Consume Record".

    After you received the parcel, please confirm the receipt of the parcel and leave a feedback!

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