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Taobao in English

    In order to make your shopping more easy and time-saving, We have made an instruction on how to use Taobao in English. In fact, it's not just taobao in English, other languages are all the same. Now you don't need to worry about if there are taobao in German,taobao in French,taobao in Russian,taobao in Spanish,taobao in Japanese,taobao in Arabic,taobao in Korean,taobao in Portuguese etc.


    With these methods, no matter you are from USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Russia, Australia, UK, etc, you can easily order from taobao in English.

    Option one: Visit and copay and paste the words and translate.
    Option Two: Use Google Chrome web browser when visiting Chinese websites.

    When you are viewing Chinese online shopping websites such as Taobao, Dangdang, Paipai, etc., we strongly recommend that you use Google Chrome. With Google Chrome's automatic translation function, you can translate the web content into your language very easily. Chrome will keep the original URL, whereas applications such as "Google Translate" change the URLs so you will have difficulties submitting them to forums, bulletin boards or our purchasing system.

    If you want (English medium for shopping on Taobao) to help you purchase the products, you can enter the original URL of the Taobao product or enter keywords into our search bar.

    For example, a Chinese language product page on Taobao:

    1.Right-click and select the translation function of Google Chrome for your own language. The original URL is not transformed, so you can put it into to search or place order directly.

    Note: There is a bug in the translation process - Chinese Yuan are incorrectly translated into “Dollars.” The original price for this pair of shoes of course stays 174.96 RMB - which is around 30 Dollars.
    2.Click "Search" button on's homepage after putting the original URL in the search form.

    3.Then, you will find the product page on RORBUY. You may place an order directly now.

    Download Google Chrome here:

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