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Order Tutorial

Here is a tutorial showing how to Buy Things from Taobao via Rorbuy. It doesn't matter if you are from Singapore, Malaysia, USA or other countries. 


Steps needed to place an order from RORBUY china shopping agent.

        Step 1: Log into RORBUY and look for wanted items.

        Please enter the original web page URL of the item. Google translated URL will not be recognized.

        Step 2: Submit to add items to cart.

        ● If some information cannot be retrieved, please enter them manually.
        ● Please enter additional information about the item (color, size, etc) in “comments.”
        ● If the picture does not show up, do not worry, it will not affect the purchase.

        Step 3: Make 1st Payment for the selected items.

            Go to “my shopping cart”, select the items you want to pay. In this interface, you will know the total amount of your items and account balance.
        ● Click “Delete” to cancel this order before you pay.
        ● Click “Select All” to select all the orders you want to pay for.
        ● Click “Delete the Selected” to cancel the order you have selected.
        ● Click “Add to my favorite” to add this order to your list of favorite items.

        Step 4: Confirm shown information.

            Click "My Order"  to go to the next step

             1.  After submitting the order,  you can go to "Member Center"->"My Order" and check order status.
             2. To continue, you need to wait until the items arrived in the warehouse, and the status displays “In Warehouse” .       

        Step 5: Select the items you would like to ship together in one parcel, and click “Submit delivery" to make 2nd payment.

        Submitting delivery

            1. Go to “My Order”->"In Warehouse" and select the items you want to send in one parcel.

            Note: (1). Usually we only accept a maximum of 5 taobao links or 1000 CNY worth items per package, whichever comes first. If you have bought 50 items from 50 different taobao links, you will need to submit 10 packages.

                     (2). If you are a NEW USER, please go to "Member Center"->"My shipping address" and fill out the information, and click “Add".

            2. Once we have your address, choose the shipping Method.

            3. If you want to choose airmail below 2kg, please make sure the package weight is no more than 2kg; If you want to choose air parcel above 2kg, please make sure the package weight is more than 2kg;

            4. Once you have chosen the shipping method you are ready for payment.


            ● If you have special requests for your parcel, please leave messages in the “Remark” section.
            ● If not, you still need to fill in "Customs Declared value" in the "Remark" section.
            ● If your account does not have enough balance when you click "submit delivery", please click "Recharge" to increase your balance.        

        Step 6: Go to "Member Center"->“My Parcel” to check the parcel details. Confirm the receipt of the parcel, and leave a feedback!


           If you want to add some items to the paid parcel order,please cancel it directly when the status of the parcel order is “pending”. Then go back to the “My parcel”, choose the “arrived ” items to submit delivery.


        Step 7: Follow your parcel.

            a) Pending

            Your parcel is waiting for processing. Before processing, you can choose to cancel the parcel shipping.

            After cancelling, the second payment will be refunded to your account automatically. (If you have used an e-coupon, it will not be returned when you cancel the delivery.)             

            Note: When your estimated weight is smaller than the real weight, we will contact you to pay the difference before we can ship your parcel.


            b) Shipped

            The item has been shipped. Please be ready to receive it.
            c) Received
            You have received the goods and signed for it.   

            d)Invalid Parcel: 1. Wrong information: Name, address and other information wrong 2. You chosed wrong shipping method for restricted items.


I placed a few orders; can I divide them into several parcels?

    Yes you can. Select the items you want to be packed and shipped in one parcel and submit delivery.

Can I add more items into the parcel I just submitted?

    Sorry, you cannot. Once you have submitted delivery, you cannot add other items into this parcel anymore. If you want all your items sent in one parcel, you must submit all of them together at the same time.     

When will the parcel be sent out after I submit delivery?

    On average, the parcel will be sent out within 2 days after you submitted delivery.

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