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Taobao Shopping Tips

    How do I find my item on
    What are TaoBao domestic delivery options?
    How do I view the seller's reputation?

    How do I find my item on

    ● Clothing
    Example: If you are looking for men's G-star's jeans, you would enter "G-star 牛仔裤 男" in the TaoBao search bar.
    If you are looking for men's POLO T-shirt, you would enter "POLO 男 T恤".
    Generally, you can search with English or simply use the format:   

    Note: You can't use paypal payment if you want to buy international brand products such as G-star, POLO, etc. You can only use other payment method.

    Brand + type + gender    

    Here are some words that you may use:(Click here for more taobao searching keywords)

    English                   Chinese
    man                         男
    woman                       女
    bag                         包
    jeans                       牛仔裤
    suit                        西装
    coat                        外套
    shoes                       鞋子
    T-shirt                     T恤
    jacket                      夹克
    shoes                       鞋
    skirt                       裙    

    ● Electronic device

    You can enter the product code in the search bar.

    For example, if you are looking for Nokia N97, you can enter “Samsung galaxy s4” or “三星 galaxy s4”.
    If you are looking for Joyoung Soymilk Maker which has a product ID of JYDZ-17A,you simply enter “JYDZ-17A”.

    If you still need help finding your goods, please contact RORBUY Customer Service. (Click here for taobao translation problems)

    What are Taobao domestic delivery options?

        There are three methods of Domestic Delivery in China: Surface Mail (平邮), Express Delivery ((快递) and EMS.

        RORBUY does not accept Surface Mail because of the following reasons:

        1.    It's slow. It will take at least 7 days.
        2.    It's dangerous. Goods have a higher chance of being lost or damaged.
        3.    Most importantly, the goods will not reach our company directly! It requires recipient to personally pick up the item from the Post Office.        

        RORBUY recommends Express Delivery, which is reliable and fast -- we will receive the items 3-7 days after item has been shipped.

        If you are in a hurry, or if purchased items are expensive, EMS might be a better option. EMS is more costly but with the most reliable service and the goods will reach to us within 1-2 days after being shipped.

 How do I view the seller's reputation?

    Just under the seller's name, you can see heart(s)/diamond(s)/crown(s) which represent how many points the seller has. Next to those icons, you can see the shop's “positive rating” (好评率) which is rated by the buyers who have bought from this seller. The best performance is 好评率:100%.

    Red heart(s): 4 – 250 points
    Blue diamond(s): 251 – 10000 points
    Blue crown(s):10001 – 500000 points
    Golden crown(s): more than 500000 points


    Every positive rating gives the seller 1 point.
    Every negative rating takes away 1 point.

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