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Order & Parcel Status

Difference between My Order and My Parcel

Each taobao or other product URL you submitted and paid is an order. You can check order status in "Member Center"->"My Order".

When you submit delivery, you choose several orders to ship together in a parcel. You can check parcel status in "Member Center"->"My Parcel".

Order Status

Pending: The order has not been processed yet (you may still cancel your item).

Processing : Our purchaser is buying this item now. You cannot delete your item at this point.

On the way: The product has been ordered. The sellers is pareparing for domestic shipping or it's shipped. We are waiting for the product to reach RorBuy warehouse.

In warehouse: The items has arrived RORBUY's warehouse

Submit delivery: You have to choose which products to pack together and submit. Since then, orders become parcels.

Invalid order *: 1.Product out of stock ; 2.Lack of necessary size, color, description, etc. We need to wait for customer's further confirmation to purchase the order; 3.Customers have canceled orders; 4.Customers have submitted wrong product URL; 5.Actual product name or price is different from your submitted order; 6. There is no pictures or description in the product URL; 7.You submitted virtual goods or contraband goods; 8. We contact the seller once a day and we can't get a reply after three days.

Parcel Status

Pending*: Our warehouse is processing waybill, packing and preparing for shipment
Shipped: Parcel has been sent to our forwarder
Delivered: Member has confirmed that he or she has got the parcel
Invalid Parcel: 1. Wrong information: Name, address and other information wrong 2. You chose wrong shipping method for restricted items.

(RORUY Tips: Orders with *, you can delete it and the cost will be automatically returned to your RORBUY account. )

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