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Speical Notice for Product Weight

1. Sometimes, shipping cost on taobao product page is not real. Most of time are heavy items because they have different shipping cost for different China provinces.

  We will need to contact you and change the shipping cost to the actual cost when we are handling the order. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

2. Before you submit delivery, you will see there is a product weight. It's a estimated packing weight. Our formula:

Estimated Gross Weight = (1+10%) x Product Net Weight(with barely no packing material)

We have handled hundreds of thousands of orders and we found the product gross weight is usually 5%-15% higher than product weight. So we set the Estimated Product Gross Weight to 110% of Product Weight to save time and make our service fast and cheap. We will refund or ask you to pay the difference if the actual packing weight is much different from our Estimated Gross Weight. This is likely to happen on big/heavy items.

Big/Heavey items typically include, but are not limited to, the following categories of goods:

A. Audio/HIFI;
B. Kitchen appliances (oven/water purifier/coffee maker, etc.);
C. Other appliances (fridge/washer/dryer/air conditioner/TV/ovens, etc.);
D. Musical instruments;
E. Computers and auxiliary equipment (desktop/laptop/printer/fax/LCD displays, etc.);
F. Bedding (sheets/cover/quilt/pillows, etc.);
G. Home decoration (furniture, etc.);
H. Fitness equipment;
I. Outdoor camping supplies.



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