Points and E-coupons

    Gain RORBUY Points    

    1.200 points: register as a member of RORBUY.com.
    2.You will get 1 point for each CNY spent on international Shipping fee and service fee.
    **These points will be added to RORBUY member's account only after the receipt has been confirmed.
    3.Participate in RORBUY's unscheduled point-earning activities.
    Exchange E-coupons    

    ● 4 Types E-coupons value: 5 CNY, 10 CNY, 20 CNY and 50 CNY (1 CNY = 200 points).
    ● E-coupon is valid for 30 days.
    ● E-coupon can only be used as service fee when you submit the delivery.    

    Note: Only one E-coupon can be used per delivery. Once used, the E-coupon cannot be returned.
    Points Usage Policy

    Points cannot be transferred or combined with other RORBUY accounts. It can only be used to exchange RORBUY E-coupons.
    How to use E-coupons as service fee?

    Step 1: Log in to RORBUY.com and go to “coupon” on the left.
    Step 2: Click “Exchange,” and go to the next page. Choose coupon amount and click highlighted "Exchange" to confirm.
    Step 3: You may use the E-coupon when you submit delivery.

    Note: The 1000 above means that you will need to spend 1000 points to exchange for a 5 CNY E-coupon.

    How to use E-coupons to exchange for VIP membership?

    Step 1: Log in to RORBUY.com and go to “Member Center” on the left.
    Step 2: Make sure you have enough points. Click “Upgrade to VIP”.
    Step 3: The system will notify if the upgrade is successfully.

    Note: You can't upgrade from basic member to highest VIP grade. You can only upgrade step by step.

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