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Taobao Agent Rorbuy Refund Policy

        How do I send a refund request?

        If you have a positive balance in your taobao agent RORBUY account and would like to withdraw it, you can send a refund request.

        Method One: Send email to our customer service about refund.


        Method Two: Please log in and visit "Member Center"->"My CNY” . You will find "Recent Record" in the footer area. You may click "Refund" to request for refund.


            To refund into paypal account:
            Note: The refund will be shown in your account within 3-5 days.

        Credit Cards via Paypal

            To refund into credit card account:
            Note: The refund will be shown in your account within 3-5 days.


            To refund into WebMoney account:
            Note: The refund will be shown in your account within 3 days.

            To refund into WesternUnion account:
            Note: Transaction fees will be automatically deducted from the amount you had requested.
            Note: After refund, our accountant will email you the MTCN.

    For all refunds:

        1. Refunds are delivered within 3 working days.
        2. Please note that you are responsible for bank transfer fees.   

    When should I expect a refund?

        If the item you want cannot be bought (out-of-stock, illegal, etc) or has problems (damaged, incorrect, etc), we will inform you the reason and credit money to your RORBUY account directly and immediately.    

    How do I check my refund records?

        You  log in and visit "Member Center"->"Refund Record” to view all the details.
        Note: There are two kinds of statuses in "Refund Record": To be verified, Completed.     

        To be verified: You have requested for refund. It takes 3 working days for us to verify and refund.
        Completed: We have already refunded. It takes another 3-5 working days for the payment to your account. If use you WesternUnion, please check you email for MTCN and go WesternUnion agent to claim the money.
    When should I get a refund if the Taobao seller is always offline?

        RORBUY will refund you if the Taobao seller is offline for 3 days after you submit payment.
       Note 1:
        Taobao seller is online:
        Taobao seller is offline:        

        Note 2: RORBUY will refund you within 3 working days.

        Note 3: Webmoney refunds will be completed within 24 hours. Other methods will take about 3 working days.

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