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Dual 11, Taobao 50% Discount Activity!

    Dear Customer

    Dual 11 is fast approaching. A lot of goods from Taobao will be offering 50% discount promotion nn Nov. 11th.

    If you want to enjoy the 50% discount, please order in the morning so that we could buy it within the same day!


    1. From Oct. 30th, you can check which products will be offering 50% discount on No.11. by visiting the link:

    2. If you want to buy these products, put them into RORBUY shopping cart, and leave remark about the detailed product information such as color and size , etc., and emphasize that it must be purchased on November 11th.

    3, and then submit the order.

    Our purchasers will try to buy on Nov.11th, but because of the limited time, RORBUY taobao agent will not guarantee that each product is available to be bought.

    If you only want to buy with 50% discount, be sure to note "50% discount only, if not, cancel it."

    Please note:

    This is not RORBUY activity, which is carried out by

    We just try to help you save costs! But we can not guarantee anything!

    The sellers and domestic carriers will be very busy during this event. According to RORBUY's experience, this is likely to lead to a big delay in delivery, and therefore what you purchased during the event is expected to arrive 7-10 days after our warehouse.

    RORBUY Shopping Team

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