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No Brand Name Products for Paypal Recharge

     Dear Customer

     Paypal requires taobao agents not to help customers to buy from Taobao imitation goods. It is to protect both the interests of customers and intellectual property brands. Because there are a lot of domestic imitation goods on taobao and it's hard to identify. Even if it is authentic, it may still be considered to be imitations by paypal, so you can not choose paypal recharge if you want to purchase brand name products (even if it is genuine).

     We understand that many people prefer to use paypal payment to buy from taobao because Paypal protect customers. If you are a new customer and you can not fully trust us right now, you can choose paypal and try buy non-branded products from us; If you are satisfied with our service and want to buy more products, you could choose other payment methods. In a word, we still accept paypal but it's limited.

     Thank you for your understanding and support.

     RORBUY Team

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